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The Garrard 301 has been completely redone, with new plinth and two tonearms. It plays music beautifully.

I’m still trying to decide what to do with the Thorens.

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Fried. BBQ. Chicken.

Amazing. Why didn’t anybody do this before?

The nice people at Janie’s Touch of Soul restaurant┬áhad a great idea: fry some chicken, then smother it in thick, sweet, chunky, spicy, hot BBQ sauce.┬áThe fried chicken itself is amazing. May be the best in San Antonio I’ve had so far. Tender, flavorful meat. Thick, peppery batter fried to perfection. So good I eat the bones.

They also make a wicket ox tail stew. The fried catfish is top-notch. The stewed pork chops (brown gravy, of course) is delicious. The fried cabbage and mac and cheese are righteous. The place is small, but the service is very friendly. Bring your friends, give them your business. Support family-owned restaurants, especially the Soul Food restaurants.

Janie’s Touch of Soul restaurant, 9107 Marbach Road.

Aw yeah.

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2003 Classic Red base Miata.


Good stuff. The chips they served as an appetizer were thin and scrumptious. It came with a delicious, light sweet and sour sauce.

Had a cup of corn and chicken soup with egg.

I had the goat karhai, which was a hearty red curry stew. Delicious. Ate it with their light, delicious naan bread.

Tandoor, 5718 Evers, right next to Moroccan Bites.

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