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Fried. BBQ. Chicken.

Amazing. Why didn’t anybody do this before? The nice people at Janie’s Touch of Soul restaurant had a great idea: fry some chicken, then smother it in thick, sweet, chunky, spicy, hot BBQ sauce. The fried chicken itself is amazing. May be the best in San Antonio I’ve had so far. Tender, flavorful meat. Thick, peppery batter […]

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Awesome Pakistani food at Tandoor

Good stuff. The chips they served as an appetizer were thin and scrumptious. It came with a delicious, light sweet and sour sauce. Had a cup of corn and chicken soup with egg. I had the goat karhai, which was a hearty red curry stew. Delicious. Ate it with their light, delicious naan bread. Tandoor, […]

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Fried goodness at Chatman’s Chicken

Some friends asked me to start blogging about my dining experiences in San Antonio, so here goes. I recently befriended a friendly Frenchman named Fabian Jacob, sommelier of Le Rêve, as we shared a fine bottle of Juan Gil Spanish vino tinto and some Belgian geueze beer at Bunsen Burgers. Long story short, I ended […]

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Delicious Belgian beer

Our Drinking Club met December 1, 2007, for a lovely evening dedicated to the brilliant brews of Belgium. Thanks again to our hosts, Kyle and Marissa, for cooking and sharing their lovely home for the evening. And a tip of the hat to Allen, our beer expert, for choosing, buying, and describing the beers. Four […]

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