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How I love thee, Chicago

We did a quick visit to Chicago in April, to visit some old friends. We are in love with Chicago. The food, the beer, the art, the park, the aquarium, all of it. And the city has this thing called public transportation. You can pay $1.50 and take a train to cross the city. Remarkable! […]

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Worst. Instructions. Evar.

Years ago I worked for a big publisher which wanted to add dot.com to its name, and a young woman working there asked our new manager how to use vi. We went through 13 managers in one year; the stuff-shirt management didn’t know what to do with us young weirdo WWW people. Here are the […]

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My favorite comic

I love the Zen simplicity of it all. I think I clipped this comic back in the early 1990s. B.C. used to be really good.

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This has bugged me for a long time

Below is Odd Nerdrum’s painting “Dawn,” oil painting, 1990. Below is a screen from the trailor from the New Line Cinema film The Cell. The art director for this film is Eiko Ishioka, who also performed the same task for Francis Ford Coppola’s film Bram Stoker’s Dracula. You may recall how much of the costume […]

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