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VPI Scout


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Day of the Dead audio

Here’s a field recording I made with my iPhone. It’s a native Mexican group doing a Day of the Dead song and dance. The lonesome train whistle in the background gives it a nice eerie quality. Day of the Dead audio in San Antonio

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Audio of interview with Foetus

Interview with Foetus, July 2, 1995 Interview with J.G. Thirlwell, aka Foetus, on WTUL, Tulane University. Pardon the idolatry; I had wanted to meet the man for years. He was really quite gracious to do the interview.

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I recently purchased a Technics SL1200MK2 for a very good price and used it to replace my Lenco L75, which I used with a Grado MC+ mono cart (I use a VPI Scout/Dynavector 10×5 for stereo). I decided to upgrade the Technics, just to see what all the fuss about this turntable is about. I […]

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KLSU 1988 radio shows

Here are some MP3s I made from cassette recordings of shows I made during my KLSU days. I recorded these shows with cheap Normal grade audio cassettes, which are starting to deteriorate. So sound quality is likely to be spotty. I’ve had some tapes come off of their spools, so I can’t even play them. […]

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